Helvellyn CMS will submit your sitemap to Google for you. The performance of your site in search can be monitored with search analytics available in the dashboard.

Open Graph

Every site on Helvellyn CMS comes with sensible defaults for auto-generated Open Graph tags, so that your sites look great when shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.


Google Analytics can be added to any site at the press of a button. This will automatically generate the analytics tag and insert it into your website. The Helvellyn CMS dashboard features an Analytics page from which you can review your entire site, and inline analytics per site section.

Custom Sections

Helvellyn CMS offers more than just your standard pages and blog posts. Any number of custom sections may be added, each with unique custom fields. All of this can be achieved through our easy to use dashboard.

Image Optimisation

Every site built using Helvellyn CMS comes with image optimisation as standard. Images are resized and compressed to reduce load on pages. And if needed, images can be automatically cropped to different dimensions using a smart cropping feature.