Hello, world!

Hello, world!

Hello, and welcome to Helvellyn CMS; a content management system that is so much more than just a content management system. I've got big visions for Helvellyn. Already, you can manage blog content and web pages from the dashboard. You can add image uploads, edit site details and adjust the appearance of your website. Everything you'd expect from a CMS. But already, I've gone further.

Helvellyn CMS also features one-click deploy Google Analytics and Search Console integrations that you can monitor from your Helvellyn dashboard. And an integration with Medium enables cross-posting at your discretion with your website preserved as the canonical source. Last for now, but far from last of all, Helvellyn CMS features domain name management built in; as many subdomains, mailing integrations and etc. as you like may be managed from within the Helvellyn dashboard.

Check out some of the other features on offer here.

There's so much more I still want to do to make Helvellyn CMS more than your average content management system, but a full-fledged digital marketing dashboard.

Watch this space for announcements about social media integrations, mailing list support, improved SEO and more.

For now, it's early days and that means that you could have a big say in what's developed next.

To provide your feedback, feature suggestions, requests or to sign up, please email me at thom@thombruce.com.